The Woods We Work With....

Black Walnut

Black walnut offers some of the most beautiful color changes in each piece and is one of our favorites to work with. Like it’s name, black walnut ranges in color from a dark coffee to a light mocha color, depending on the age and cut of the tree. This wood is commonly used on gun stocks, cabinetry and high quality furniture for it’s strength, close-grained durability. They are classified as hard woods and grow throughout the United States. Like most dark woods, the sawdust and sap from black walnut trees can be toxic to woodworkers so we maintain safety protocols when working with these pieces. Although we prefer to use these boards for display and food service, if you are using your walnut boards as cutting boards, please be careful to avoid too much contact with sawdust.


White Oak

White oak is prevalent in the Pacific Northwest and is a versatile hard-wood that grows from Canada to Florida. The soft color of white oak ranges from a warm honey tone to a creamy gold and it’s grain is brought to life with the conditioning oil we use on each piece. Used on cabinetry, veneers, furniture and flooring, this multi-purpose wood is a hardy choice for prep and cutting boards. Oak also has one of the most lovely smells when we are cutting each board and we enjoy that most about working these pieces.



Another prized furniture wood, cherry offers a wonderful range of colors from copper to light pink and darkens over time with a very rich patina. Used for some of the highest quality furnitures, this hardwood is a favorite of ours for it’s durability and beautiful color that richens when we finish each piece with conditioner and oil. American Black Cherry grows throughout the Western United States and the tree also offers medicinal value with a syrup made from it’s bark that is used as a cough medicine.

Care / Handling Tips

Our pieces are all food-safe and come to you with the natural colors of each of the woods showing through an oil-based wax finish. To care for your boards, wiping clean with a damp or wet cloth will work best and board should never be either soaked or put in a dish-washer. Oil your boards occasionally as needed and we recommend Howard Cutting Board Oil and Butcher Block Conditioners to maintain the quality of your purchase.

Our Hope

We hope you love our work as much as we do.  It’s hard to let each of our pieces go as we become a little attached to them as we craft them individually. We hope you are satisfied with your order and love feedback from our customers but each order is custom and made-to-order so all sales are final. Please reach out before our work on your order begins if you have questions, concerns, specific requests or would just like to see pictures of your piece. We love to share what we do!